Brief Description

A review of Christina's 'Midnight Train' album describes her as 'Lucinda Williams meets Rory Gallagher down under'

To those familiar with her music and live performances this is considered a fitting description. With a vocal style which often lends a southern rock attitude to the music and her unexpectedly gritty yet tasteful lead & slide guitar style and sound, Christina is an enigmatic and talented musician. Her songs are often witty, sometimes sad, reflecting experiences from her own life, but sometimes, simply stories born of pure imagination. She is edgy, energetic and genuine.


My new look Website 

Hey there... here we go with a slightly updated website. Hope you like it!!  

I'd love for you to sign up to my mailing list here to keep up with news and gigs etc....and if you want to leave some feedback about anything you can use the contact form.



Recording & Festivals 

There's no denying that it's been an unusual year and particularly regarding my music/gig scene. It started out very promisingly with the release of my EP 'Like We Used To' and the first track debuting at number 1 on the AMRAP AirIt charts and the EP staying in the top 25 on the ABARAC for 6 months, but on the live gig scene it has been very hit and miss but I focused on getting some live footage recorded and that has proven to be very worthwhile and I can't help but think it's really helped getting onto the Blues on Broadbeach festival as well as another one I've been offered but can't yet confirm until the official announcement.

I'm now currently working on bookings for 2018 and they are starting to trickle back in. Also I'm back into recording and have 3 new songs almost finished and looking forward to working on the rest of them during some down time in January.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone and I really hope to see you at a gig sometime. 

Some exciting news! 

Last week I won a spot to perform in the Byron Bay Guitar Festival on November 11th at 11:45pm. This was  a competition run by the promotor to find two acts to perform and based on a video submission, I have been selected to open the main stage with a 30 minute set. Plus part of the deal is a days recording sessions with one of the sponsors. 

Then today I've learned to both songs I entered into the Australian Songwriting Awards competition have made to the top 30 in their respective categories. 

Here is the link if you'd like to check it out. 'Breakaway' in the Rock Indie Category and 'Like We Used To' in the Open Category.  Super exciting!

'Like We Used To' EP is Charting on the Australian Blues & Roots charts 

Another little feather in my cap! My latest EP entered the ABARAC charts in February at # 6.  I'm very excited as it's the first time my music has charted. So thank you so much to all the radio presenters who've been playing my music on their contributing programs. 


'Like We Used To' EP radio launch 

Valentines day is appropriate for an EP launch because it's a love affair I've had with music most of my life and I'm doing the official radio launch on Ross Fear's Australian Spectrum show from 9pm on February 14th.  I hope you can tune in and listen.


Hello 2017!! 

No need to say that 2016 was a difficult year for many people myself included but there were also some positives in there such as recording and releasing my new EP "Like We Used To'  and playing many and various gigs including Thredbo Blues Festival in January 2016.  

We had a great night last night at Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville and looking forward to some gigs coming up in January.  

I hope 2017 is kinder to us all and just want to wish everyone the best!  

Upcoming EP release 

It's been long time since I posted on my webpage and this is mostly due the passing my beautiful husband Steve, after a long and difficult struggle with Huntington's Disease. This was a devastating blow to myself and the rest of the family as I'm sure you can imagine. But I'm slowly getting myself back on track, and happy to tell you that I've finally managed to master my 4 new songs and they sound fantastic!! I'm preparing the next step of art work and pressing of the CD's so they should be available very soon in physical form.  I was aiming for a full album, however with all thats happened, financially and time wise it's just not possible right at the moment. I do have the beds recorded for the next 6 tracks and just need to get some funding together to record the vocals and guitar tracks and mix/master etc....It will happen, as I'm a very motivated woman and always keep striving to follow my passion (which was also Steve's passion too) - I will post some teasers of my new release soon and you can hear them this coming Tuesday night as I'm going to be Ross Fears studio guest on his program  

Well....that is all at the moment....except of course that there are some gigs coming up soon and you can see the details on the 'shows' page here.


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