Brief Description

A review of Christina's 2008 album, 'Midnight Train' describes her as ‘Lucinda Williams meets Rory Gallagher down under’.  Rhys Williams of Blues Blast Magazine says of her 2019 release, ‘Just How Love Feels’ that the album and music straddle the divide between blues/rock beautifully and that  Christina is one of the most impressive electric slide players he has heard in recent years.  And still another reviewer of her 2016 EP release  “Like We Used To” says ‘no one plays guitar like Christina Crofts', and  it is true that while  her playing shows evidence of many of the players and styles that have influenced her music, it has developed into a sound and musical style that is readily identifiable as her own.  She is well known and respected among her peers and fans who often remark on her guitar tone and particularly her slide guitar playing. 

 Her songs are often witty & humourous, sometimes sad, reflecting experiences from her own life, but mostly they are  simply stories born of pure imagination. There's an authenticity and passion that sits alongside her unpretentious and free spirited nature. 

Christina and her band have appeared on many of Australia's leading blues/roots festivals and proudly represented Sydney in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis January 2023. 



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