From the recording Just how Love Feels


Someone Younger (words & music ©Christina Crofts June 2019)

When the years have gone by, and your mirror’s don’t lie
But there’s some kind of fire, still burning inside
He’s gonna pass you by for someone younger than you
Spend all his money, she’ll cast him aside when she’s through

Watchin’ … waitin’. You’re anticipating
Whether it’s wrong or its right, you still need him at night
But he’s gonna pass me by for someone younger than me
She’s gonna realise he ain’t what he’s cracked up to be

Then he’s back on the scene! Well, what can that mean?
He said she wounded his pride! Aww … he feels objectified!
He wants to come back home…let’s start over again
Says I’m the only one who knows how to treat her man
Well he’s gonna realise he don’t mean nothin’ to me!