Upcoming EP release

It's been long time since I posted on my webpage and this is mostly due the passing my beautiful husband Steve, after a long and difficult struggle with Huntington's Disease. This was a devastating blow to myself and the rest of the family as I'm sure you can imagine. But I'm slowly getting myself back on track, and happy to tell you that I've finally managed to master my 4 new songs and they sound fantastic!! I'm preparing the next step of art work and pressing of the CD's so they should be available very soon in physical form.  I was aiming for a full album, however with all thats happened, financially and time wise it's just not possible right at the moment. I do have the beds recorded for the next 6 tracks and just need to get some funding together to record the vocals and guitar tracks and mix/master etc....It will happen, as I'm a very motivated woman and always keep striving to follow my passion (which was also Steve's passion too) - I will post some teasers of my new release soon and you can hear them this coming Tuesday night as I'm going to be Ross Fears studio guest on his program http://alive905.com.au/ross-fear-australian-spectrum-show//  

Well....that is all at the moment....except of course that there are some gigs coming up soon and you can see the details on the 'shows' page here.