Recording & Festivals

There's no denying that it's been an unusual year and particularly regarding my music/gig scene. It started out very promisingly with the release of my EP 'Like We Used To' and the first track debuting at number 1 on the AMRAP AirIt charts and the EP staying in the top 25 on the ABARAC for 6 months, but on the live gig scene it has been very hit and miss but I focused on getting some live footage recorded and that has proven to be very worthwhile and I can't help but think it's really helped getting onto the Blues on Broadbeach festival as well as another one I've been offered but can't yet confirm until the official announcement.

I'm now currently working on bookings for 2018 and they are starting to trickle back in. Also I'm back into recording and have 3 new songs almost finished and looking forward to working on the rest of them during some down time in January.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone and I really hope to see you at a gig sometime.